Cupid is set to fly in and shoot his arrows off one week from Saturday! Are you ready for the big day? Rather you think it is a consumer invented holiday, or you're a die hard romantic, one thing is for certain this year -- people will spend more than ever on St. Valentine's Day!

According to one report, Americans will spend on the average of $143 on their lover this year. Coincidence that 1-4-3 is the universal texting code for I LOVE YOU? Probably, but this number is up $8 per person from last year.

So, what will that much get you? According to, a dozen long-stemmed red roses in a nice vase will set you back $114.99. That leaves you a few bucks for the card, and of course some chocolates to go along with it.

I think I will get out the construction paper and glitter and make my Valentine a card this year. This apparently is a growing trend as of the past few years, as women say that a handmade gift on Valentine's Day means much more than something store-bought!

No matter what you do, remember it is the thought that counts, right?