I must really have relationship all wrong.  Here I am single and can’t get anybody to buy me anything of the McDonald’s $1 menu a woman in China managed to do the impossible by getting her 20 boyfriends (yes you heard correctly) to buy her a home.  However, it’s how she got the money is what got people talking.

The New York Time report, the woman named Xiaoli told the story to a blogger and gave the play by play on how this all happened.  She didn’t come from a family with money so she got real creative on how to get the money for the home.

Her parents are of age and she was feeling the pressure of buying them a house.  So, each of her boyfriends bought her an iPhone 7s and she took those phones to a mobile recycling plant and sold them and used the money to put a down payment on a home valued at $17,815.

People were actually applauding her and wanting to know her secret while others called her stunt shameless.

Personally, this story is just too good to be true.  However, according to the BBC this story is accurate and I just want to know what does her ’20 boyfriends’ have to say about this incident now that it’s out in the open and do they have a room in the new place.