Amazing stories of survival are surfacing from the EF-3 tornado that devastated Van this past Sunday, including the story of a 2-week-old baby who survived being tossed around by this tornado.

Parents of the baby, Andy and Brandi Bouchillon, were on their way to a storm shelter to escape the destructive winds that were destroying Van. When they turned on Main Street headed to the shelter, they found themselves right in the middle of the path of destruction as the tornado picked up their SUV, spun it around a few times and then spit them out near some trees.

The family was able to escape their mangled up SUV through the back window with their two-week-old child who slept through the whole ordeal and started crying only when her dad reached to get her out of the car seat.

During the terrifying ride Brandi was thinking to herself:

I just kept praying, I said, ‘God, please keep my baby alive, please keep her alive.’ I turned her car seat, I was holding it, and I just laid on top of it talking to her, telling her that it was going to be OK, and that she would be OK.”

The tornado ended up taking the lives of two Van residents, three are still unaccounted for and nearly 50 others were injured. Cleanup is happening in Van, where nearly 30 percent of the city was damaged or destroyed, including two schools.

Donations for those affected by the storm are being accepted at various locations throughout Van and East Texas.