The frenzy for all to be "perfect" is starting to show its effects on our young people. The debate used to revolve around the moral consequences of 18-year-olds getting "boob jobs". But, the times have changed. Now, barely in middle school, this young girl got plastic surgery. 

It wasn't that long ago that plastic surgery was a rare thing to see. The rich and famous were the only clients. With more surgeons and lowered costs on procedures, the world has gone a little plastic surgery crazy.

Because of this growing trend to alter oneself to be closer to perfection, it was only a matter of time before the young men and women of the world started to ask, "When is it my turn?"

This young girl grew up modeling and living an active and otherwise normal life. She is, by no means, an ugly girl. But, she has been suffering some serious bullying. So, what do she and her parents decide to do about it? Get her under the knife to "fix" her nose.
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She and her parents to seem to be very happy with this decision and the surgery's outcome, but was it the best idea for such a young girl? Tell us what you think.