Danny Valdes, an 11-year-old student, has been suspended for his haircut. And, for something that seems would not be offensive or inappropriate for a young basketball fan. His school disagrees, so this young man will not be allowed to attend normal classes for sporting a big sports fan's haircut. 

Danny Valdes is following a large trend that is fast growing for some Miami Heat fans. Having your haircut and shaved into designs that loudly show your love for your team.

It seems this trend is not acceptable to everyone.

Valdes has been suspended from his school because he too got a haircut to support his team. His step-father, an owner of a local barber shop, was the very barber to give this boy the cut.

NBC Miami

This decision by the boy and his parents is not a permanent way for the Heat fan to show his love for the basketball team, so hopefully he will be allowed to attend his school soon. As it stands for now, Valdes' school has said that the haircut is too distracting to other students and is gang related.

I am not sure if I would call Miami Heat fans a gang, but it was their decision.

NBC Miami reported that the school school district had to say this after the boy's suspension, "While the school counselor followed the wishes of the student and instructions of the student’s stepfather that were provided over the phone in the presence of several witnesses, the district acknowledges the action taken by personnel were not appropriate."

But, it is too late. Valdes' mother has decided to transfer young Danny to another school to avoid future interactions like this one.

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