If you've been dating a man for awhile and are wondering when he's going to pop the question, you may want to reexamine the biggest hurdle that faces you daily. YOU! Here are the top 5 ways for my single gals who are ready to go from just girlfriend, to his WIFE. You may want to even bookmark this page because this is the best advice I'll ever give you on relationships. And yes, it will work! Let The 'Independent Woman' Thing GO!

I constantly hear my friends talk about how they don't need a man, and that they can do this and that by themselves.... Blah, blah. If you have this mindset, then you will remain BY YOURSELF! If you want a man to see you as wife potential, you first need to show that you are a woman - strong and independent, but not so independent to where he feels like you don't need him.  It's a good thing to make a man feel like he has to earn your time, but be willing to be open to let him into your space. 

Be Classy

Ever heard the saying, "Money doesn't buy class". Well, that's very true. You can be smart, sexy, and classy. Gossiping about other women, and having a filthy mouth are HUGE turn-offs for most quality men. Don't talk about other people around your man. Men will view you as a gossip with NO life. Hold your head up, and do you. Smile, be friendly, and pleasant. It will get you more positive attention.

Let Your Man Be A Man

Seriously, you aren't his mother, so don't try to be. Taking care of your man and babying him are two very different things. You can be nurturing and considerate without being overly motherly and annoying. If you want to be like his mother, then LEARN TO COOK LIKE HER!

Stay On Your Game

Stay sexy. Whatever attracted him to you is something that you shouldn't let go of just because you've been in a relationship with him for a while. We all have our "off days", but try to have way more "On Point" days than not. Keep your feet and nails looking good, along with your hair, clothing choices, and makeup. Smell good too! No man wants a stinky wife. Even if you can't afford pricey manicures, or facials, you can still do little things to take care of yourself and still look nice all the time.

Get In / Stay In Shape

Most men like a woman that cares about her appearance. That includes being healthy with proper eating and exercise. After all, if you want to get married to your man, he needs to see a future with you for the long haul. Staying in your best shape can keep you around for each other for a lifetime of happiness!


That's right, LISTEN! Listening to your man is a key ingredient to make a marriage work! If you want to go from just being his girl, to being his WIFE, you need to shut up and LISTEN! You should know and remember most things he shares with you. Why? Because he trusts you and wants you to know his dreams, ambitions, goals, etc. You job as a good partner is to LISTEN! A recent survey done on failed marriages concluded that 79% of infidelity began because the cheating partner felt that their mate "never listened" to them! Ladies, stop talking so much and LISTEN to your man!

Be A Lady In The Streets & A Freak In The Sheets

Or he will find someone that will! Real talk ladies: Taking care of you man in the bedroom is a vital key in your relationship. The author of the book: "Men Don't Heal, We Ho" said this:

Twice a year you have got to do something to BLOW HIS MIND! When he pulls up you snatch him out of the car. Toss him in the shower. Wash him from head to toe. Lick him from head to toe. Violently shove his head in your crotch. Break something. Hurt him. Scratch him. Wild animal. He has to remember this night! The next morning, he has got to turn over like, “We forgot to eat dinner last night, I am starving. What got into to you last night? Were you on ecstasy or some­thing? Listen, I can’t do all that anymore, you hurt my back.”

He's YOUR man, and you want him to know that he's got EVERYTHING he needs at home! Some great advice I was given when I turned 21 years old was:

"Never let your man leave the house hungry or horny."

Let Him Know That You Appreciate Him

According to Steve Harvey, a man's primal instinct is two things: To Protect, and to Provide for his family. Making you man feel like he's king of the castle will show him that you are his backbone and are there for him. Let him fix that broken faucet that he's adament about fixing... even if you know he can't. Let him TRY!

Share His Interests (Or at least try)

Listen, I know you probably aren't into hunting or fishing, but if it's your man's joy, share that with him. If your man wants you to watch the game with him because his favorite team is in the finals... DO IT! Not only are you his woman, but you should be his best friend! Friends make the best lovers and make life-lasting marriages!

Be your Man's BIGGEST Cheerleader

I don't mean go out an get pom-poms ... well, you can if you want! He may enjoy it! I do mean however, that you should always encourage and inspire your man to his fullest potential. Men's egos need to be stroked. Remember that. By letting him know you support him says ALOT and has wife potential written all over it!