A Southwest Airlines plane traveling from New York to Dallas made an emergency landing in Philadelphia yesterday (April 17th) after a shrapnel hit one of the engines causing it to explode killing one passenger and injuring 7 others.

From CBS News, the Boeing 737 with 149 passengers and crew members on board Flight 1380 was flying 30,000 feet in the air when the incident happened.  Passengers described the moments as oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling after they heard the explosion, the horrifying moments ending as the plane landed on the ground.

Passenger Jennifer Riordan, a married mother of two was partially sucked out of the window and others attempted to pull her back in and when the flight landed paramedics rushed her to a nearby hospital where she later died from her injuries.

Southwest Airlines never had an accident-related death of a passenger.  However, a young child died back in 2006 when a Southwest jet slid off a runway in Chicago’s Midway Airport which crashed through a fence and crashed into the boy’s family car.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Jennifer Riordan.