Imagine you are buying stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts for your daughter, niece, or granddaughter. You see some cute snuggly girly backpacks, some princess dresses, some multi-colored knee socks, some lip gloss, and crotchless panties! No we are not joking! This is similar to what happened to Erin French as she visited a children’s store in Colorado. This outraged Erin along with several other parents, and the kids store has since been made to pull its crotchless underwear for kids! The store is called Kids N Teen, which is located in a Colorado mall. The owner of the store says that the store sells mostly kids products, but they also have "select" products marketed to teens. Erin French expressed her disgust saying that the store has "cuddly little backpacks and princess dresses". She was able to capture the crotchless thongs on her cell phone camera.

Inappropriate of not? What do you think?