The Jackson family has encountered lots of drama since the death of Michael Jackson, and it continues now that Michael's mother, Katherine Jackson, is getting older. It doesn't help with the recent drama of Katherine going "missing" and the accusations some of Michael's siblings were holding her for money.

The question has also come to light on whether or not 82-year-old Katherine is too old to care for Michael Jackson’s children. What we know is Michael Jackson wrote in his will that in the event his mother got too old to care for his kids, he would like his good friend Diana Ross to take care of them.

But, this doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon. Katherine Jackson lost partial custody of Prince, Paris and Blanket last week on the behalf of grandson T.J Jackson, who will be the children’s temporary guardian.

Diana Ross has recently spoken on the issue by responding to her signing off on  a proposed joint custody agreement between T.J. and Katherine. Katherine reported that she was left “devastated” that she no longer holds custody of hther children, but a reliable source assured the media that T.J ( Tito Jackson’s son) never had intentions of taking the kids away from Katherine.

The Jacksons are now trying to protect the children from the other side of the family. Ross released a statement on the matter, saying, “all interests are best served if it remains private.”