One of the biggest challenges when a woman is pregnant is figuring out what to name her unborn child. Some women have tons of books with names highlighted, other women don't have to think too hard about what she's going to name her child, as she figures it's a no-brain-er -- passing on her great-grandmother's name. Some parents make naming their child an huge event, even pulling straws! What's in a name? Apparently, a lot! A friend an I discussed this a while ago after she got let go from her job of four years. She had put numerous applications and resumes out, and no bites. After a few months, we talked and she shared with me that no one is calling her back! Being the good friend I am, I offered to help look at and possibly tweak her resume.

After looking at her many accomplishments, higher education, and extra-curricular activities, and certifications, I dawned on me what I figured the problem to be: Her first name. Yes,  I thought. That had to be the problem. Her first name is *Shaniqua. *Shaniqua Pamela Taylor.

On my beautiful, accomplished, and highly educated friend's resume displayed the name in big bold letters, Shaniqua Pamela Taylor.

As silly as the thought was, I had to tell her what I thought. Of course she was offended and thought the idea was ridiculous, but was it?

The idea was not mine alone. It was put into my head years ago when I worked at the hospital and I overheard the nursing manager telling her constituent about an new graduate nurse that she would be preceptor for. She rolled her neck and snapped her fingers and said, " I don't know what kind of nurse, La Shonda is gonna be." Then they laughed.

As disgusted as I was, the idea of them assuming something ignorant and negative about someone they haven't even met yet saddened me, but it also opened my eyes to the fact that your name says a lot about you BEFORE you can.

So my question is: Do you think that more "ethnic" sounding names can hider a person in life? Or do you think this claim is ridiculous and has no merit?

Is that also the reason why when you call customer service for some major companies and the person that's assisting you has a thick, foreign accent, but says their name is "Sue".

Amazingly, my friend ended up changing the name on her resume by dropping "Shaniqua" and just used "Pamela Taylor" and got hired within three days!

My story is one of many. Check out the video below!