The past few days here in the East Texas area have been quite gloomy and soaking wet. But, don't let the weather get you down. There is still plenty to do around town. The city of Tyler has plenty to offer that will keep you entertained and out of the rain. 

Here is a quick list of the top five things to do in Tyler on a rainy day. These are just suggestions. If you haven't done the things on this list already, you need to take this rainy day as a chance to experience all the great things Tyler has to offer.

1. See a Movie
Times Square Cinema is a great local movie theater. It has a more comfy feel to it than the gigantic movie theaters of this day. The smaller theater and more comfortable seats create the perffect atmosphere for a rainy day movie.

2. Eat at a local restaurant

If you are just leaving Times Square Cinema, you have three great choices for eating some local food. Right next door to the theater is Cork. They have great food ranging from a well priced lamb plate to a delicious roll of sushi. This is a unique Tyler restaurant that you must try soon.

Down the walk a little from Cork and Times Square Cinema is Julians. They have been an Tyler staple for years now. There asian bistro style is hard to compete with and there draft beer selection is an adventure all on its own.

For a little more of a walk, you can get some great seafood from Breakers. They have all of your favorite seafood dishes and then a multitude of California style favorites. They are a definite must try in Tyler.

3. Play Pool

XLN on Fifth street can be a fun place o spend a rainy afternoon. Games of pool and darts can make the slow hours of a wet Thursday speed up a little. Now, if they ever got a skee-ball table I believe XLN would be a little slice of heaven. You can also play pool over at Clicks Live at Troup and the Loop

4. Take the Kids to the Discovery Science Place

When the kids can't go outside to play, where can you go? The Discovery Science Place, of course. And don't worry, this place has a little fun for you too, mom and dad. The Discovery Science Place is packed full of fun and education. It will be a great place to escape the rain.

5. See Some Art

While you are downtown, stop by the Gallery Main Street. Tyler's downtown gallery, this place is packed full of great art that you and the kids can enjoy. A little bit further into town, you can find the Tyler Museum of Art.

The TMA is located on the TJC campus. The TMA building has held some of the great art masters of our times and before. But, TJC isn't the only school giving a great opportunity to see art. The University of Texas at Tyler has its own gallery.

The Meadows Gallery, on the backside of the Cowan Center, is full to the brim right now with great ceramic pieces. With constantly rotating shows, The Meadows Gallery is a happening art spot in Tyler.

5. Grab a Coffee and a Conversation

Sometimes, there is nothing better to do on a cold and rainy day than to go to the local coffee shop. Brady's Coffee Shop is the perfect place to go this rainy afternoon. Some of the best coffee you will ever have is housed in this little local joint. And, some of the best conversations come with that cup of joe. Don't miss out on this Tyler gem.

Well, now you know what to do with this moist and miserable day in East Texas. Go out and enjoy our fair city, Tyler.