Health officials in Angelina County have reported three confirmed cases and more outbreaks of the mosquito born disease, known as the West Nile Virus, are possible. Neighboring counties have begun taking pre-cautions with spraying.

Residents are reminded to remove any standing water where mosquitos are most likely to migrate.

Pets’ water bowls, buckets, empty tires and unused flower pots are breeding grounds for the mosquitos.

One North Texas Texas County is experiencing the nation’s deadliest outbreak of West Nile virus this year and a public health emergency has been declared.

Dallas County officials have authorized aerial spraying of insecticide for the first time in nearly five decades to help fight the mosquito-borne illness.

Nearly 90 cases of the most severe form of West Nile have been confirmed in the county so far, nine residents have died, and the virus’ peak season is just beginning.

There is no vaccine for the virus, which most often affects people over 50. It can cause high fevers, headaches and disorientation.


Street Car Racing Injures Two People

Two People remain hospitalized after they crashed their vehicles while racing down a Tyler Street.

Police say one of the drivers Luiz Barajas, 23 was arrested and charged with DWI , 2nd degree felony, Accident involving Serious Bodily Injury, and Racing.

Charges are also pending for old Daniel Dodd, 28,  pending further investigation and lab results.

Both drivers lost control in a curve and slammed into the roadside curb in the opposite lanes.