People say many things about my girl Wendy Williams, but one thing that can't say is that she's not hugely successful! As a black woman in radio, I respect her hustle and really enjoyed her talking about how she worked her way from making $3.25 an hour for 4 hours a day, to the media mogul she is today!

Watch: Wendy Williams Talks About Her Big Break in Radio

Yes, she's been the queen of controversy on the airwaves, but what I love about Wendy is that she has paid her dues in this business. The critics, the racism, the sexism, and her own very personal battle with substance abuse.

Again, as a black female in broadcasting, there are many woes that DJ's, announcers, and on-air personalities have and still are subjected to. People only know what we portray in the media and have no idea how hard jocks work to make a name for themselves.

Wendy's mindset at a young age reminded me of my personality (minus the drugs) and focus in my early twenties. It's like deja vu hearing her laugh about it.

I hope to one day be as successful as Wendy!