Valentine's Day is about love, money, flowers and more! CNN has compiled a list of fun facts for Valentine's Day.

Lovers will spend nearly $4 billion on flowers and candy combined for the day of love. When you go to break that down, it averages out to about $131 per person that will be spent on Valentine's Day.

Nursery's have grown more than 224 million stems of roses for the big day and 51% of the roses sold for Valentine's Day will be red. The fun facts from CNN states 64% of men will buy flowers for Valentine's Day as compared to 36% of women.

When it comes to spending money on that special someone, we will be buying $1.6 billion dollars in candy and $1.9 in flowers and the biggest chunk of change goes to jewelry. An astonishing $4.4 billion will be spent on some form of jewelry.

Valentine's Day goes beyond humans for some, as pet owners are thought to be spending around $5 to buy their companion a little something on the special day.

Valentine's Day is also a very popular day for couples to pop the question and get engaged. Around 6 million people are expected to ask the question at some point today. An overwhelming 85% of men and women agreed that sex is a very important part of Valentine's Day and about 29% of people will send some kind of romantic text message.

Hopefully you've bought your Valentine's card already because today about 151 million of them will be exchanged!

Happy Valentine's Day!