After reading more about the Boys and Girls Clubs of East Texas, I wish I was a kid again! It sounds like they’re learning some valuable life skills — even how to change a flat tire. That means 9-year olds who hang out at the Boys and Girls Club this summer, will come in handier in a pinch than most adults.

And one super cool new attraction for the Boys and Girls Club just opened!

The Splash Park had its public opening last week, but Boys and Girls Club members were the first to use it, and had it all to themselves before the public descended. Four thousand square feet of interactive water features, picnic tables, and fun! It’s good to be a kid.

It’s not just the skills like changing tires and shopping for groceries that kids learn, but it’s shooting hoops, swimming, and hanging out with friends too. Just what the summer ordered. We mentioned in a blog last week the Boys and Girls Club is a great way to get involved and make a difference this summer. The Boys and Girls Club in Tyler is at 504 West 32nd.