Do you remember Friday nights years ago watching T.G.I.F. on the television? For many of us, this was what Friday nights were planned around. You couldn't miss the episode from your favorite ABC show. Some of the best of these beloved shows have been lost through the years. Which one do you wish you were running home tonight to watch again? 

Growing up, Friday nights made my whole week. My mother had invented a family tradition for Fridays. We made our own pizzas and then settled in as a family to watch T.G.I.F. until bed time. These were some of the best nights I have ever had. The nights watching the family friendly ABC shows made up a large part of my childhood. Some of these fond memories are the laughs I had about Full House or Family Matters.

Now that these shows are a thing of the past, every once in a while I think about them and remember all those nights spent with them. So, in honor of these shows so close to my heart and all the other 90's kids here is a list of my top five T.G.I.F. shows.

1. Hanging With Mr. Cooper

2. Boy Meets World

3. Step By Step

4. Family Matters

5. Full House

Oh the memories! Which one was your favorite at a younger age? Which one would you like to curl up with some popcorn and watch tonight?