Whether you have spent the morning in church, shopping, or doing your chores Sunday morning, you are hungry for a good lunch. Sundays are a great day to treat yourself to a great meal out. Why cook when someone else can make that delicious Sunday lunch. So, where should you go? 

There are three spots in Tyler that are the hidden jewels of the lunch community. Why go to that same old restaurant you always do, try one of these three joints. You won't be sad you did.

1. Loggins

Loggins is one of Tyler's best lunch buffets. The proof of this is their 60th year celebration. People that can't cook a great lunch don't last that long. Make sure to visit them on Sunday. Though they are closed every other day but Saturday, they have that good home cooked food that suits a Sunday afternoon better than anything else.

Click here to find out more by visiting the Loggins website. 

2. The Diner

The Diner is one of Tyler's best lunch eateries. They are located far South on Broadway Avenue, but the drive out is well worth it. With frito pies, sandwiches, and even quiches on their lunch menu, this is the place where everyone can find something they like. Give the Diner a shot, your tummy will thank you.

Click here to visit their website for the full menu and more information.

3. The Egg & I

Don't think for a second that the Egg & I is just a breakfast place. It has so much more than eggs to offer. Sure, if you like to sleep in on Sundays, having the breakfast option might suit you. But, if you already ate Sunday morning and are looking for a great mid-day meal, Egg & I is a great place to eat.

Click here to find out what the Egg & I has for a great Sunday lunch. 

And, to make your Sunday lunch a little bit better, try listening to this song.