It’s finally getting cold in Texas -- Woo-hoo! We all know that that means that the holidays are quickly approaching, so what’s next? We’ve all gotten into that sticky, last-minute holiday shopping situation at least once or twice in our life where we get so busy that the holidays sneak up on you and you haven’t bought any gifts yet. There are a fewof ways to prevent that from happening this year!

1. Start shopping little by little now.

That doesn’t mean go crazy and pick up everything you see, but if you see something that someone in your family, or a friend or significant other would like, get it now so you won’t have to worry about it later.


2. Bargain shop!

It’s one of those things that  is easier said than done (trust me, I know), but it will keep you from stressing and keep some money in your pocket too! Look for sales in Walmart, Target or even your nearest mall and really take advantage of  to-die-for prices!


3. Make a list of everyone you need to buy for.

If you do this, it will keep you from forgetting to buy anyone a gift this holiday season. Think long and hard about who you want to put on the list so that you can stick to it without changing it at the last minute.


Even though it’s early October, it’s never too early to be thinking about these things. So be smart and shop smarter! Make this holiday season one to remember.

What are some shopping tips you abide by each holiday season?