We have all been through it. Bad driving is like a uncured plague across this city. Driving has been and probably will forever be a frustrating experience. As most of Tyler will not be getting off of the road any time soon, here is something we may all need to relearn.

Turn signals are one of the best improvements to the automobile since its invention. This nifty device is found near the wheel, for easy access, and is used when one is turning. Though this concept makes enough sense, it seems that some have yet to completely understand its function.

When entering a new lane, when turning right or left, and even when parking (parallel or in a parking lot) you will use the turn signal. This action is needed to inform those driving around you of your intentions. If you do not use your turn signal when moving your car around town, people will not know what you mean to do. When fellow drivers are unaware of what you will do next, bad things can occur. Wrecks ranging from fender benders to full-out accidents, where the car can be totaled and people may be hurt, can happen.

For the safety and stress levels of all, it must be begged of those behind the wheel that everyone use their turn signal. Proper use can prevent accidents. Always use the turn signal. Do not use it after you have turned. Do not click it after you have already begun to turn or merge lanes. Please, turn it off when not intending to turn. Also, use the correct left or right signal to coincide with the direction you will be going.

Explaining this feels close to writing the directions for how to correctly use shampoo. If you have been in the world long then this concept should come as second nature and as a give in.

Do not become one of those people that others complain about around a cup of coffee or the water cooler. And remember, drive as you would have others drive around you.