On rainy days like this one, it is very difficult to work up the gumption to go out shopping. With the Internet allowing us access to our favorite stores without leaving home, we can shop online. But, where are the best places to go? 

It is a tricky thing, shopping for clothes online.

You have to truly trust the shop you are buying from, because they could burn you bad. Luckily, there are a handful of great places to find that perfect outfit on the world wide web.

1. The Gap


The only place I have ever trusted for good fitting and quality jeans is the Gap. Now that the East Texas area does not have a Gap store anymore, it seemed as if we might all loose a great place to find pants and so much more that would fit you and your budget.

It is a good thing that you can shop their classic styles online. They have accurate sizing charts, a great response to returns and exchanges, and are very timely about getting your clothes to your front door.

Check out their website on a frequent basis for surprise day only online sales and other great deals.

2. Target


Though Target seems like a more expensive store than Walmart. Did you know that Target is actually cheaper than Walmart? They just want to look fancy.

That idea of being fancy comes through with their selection of clothing. They have great styles at really great prices. Plus, their online store carries things that our local store does not.

With great looks and fantastic prices, why aren't you already headed over to Target's website?

3. Amazon


I know, I know, Amazon does not seem like the place to be shopping for clothes online. But, trust me on this one. They have some great deals on good quality stuff.

If you have ever taken your chances in a vintage clothing store, you took more a risk than you would ever have to worry about with Amazon.

Give them a try. The next time you are browsing through the random and mundane "normal" things to buy on the Amazon website, peak over at the clothes selection. You win be very happily surprised.


I wish all of you shoppers the best of rack hunting. May all of the pants and shirts fit and the dresses please your every delight.