Did Lance and Mia stay married, and have children? Did Murch get engaged or married  to Candy? Did Harper and Robin get married? Is Jordan still single? Fans of The Best Man have been asking those questions since 1999, and it looks like those questions will be answered with The Best Man 2 sequel!


After a photo surfaced back in October of 2011, rumors began to swirl about The Best Man 2 sequel. Apparently, after the entire cast met (in photo pictured above) the crew signed on the do the sequel, which will hit theaters this November.

The original film, produced by Malcolm Lee, opened at #1 in October of 1999 and raked in over $35 million!

Hopefully, with all of the enthusiasm behind the sequel, it will surpass the success if had in the '90s.

 The Best Man Trailer (Original Film 1999)