When we go caroling we don't sing our favorite traditional Christmas songs, we always put some “soul” into them.  So, I got to thinking “What is the blackest Christmas record of all time?”  I composed a list and I have my Top 10 list comprising of both traditional and non traditional Christmas favorites. Do you agree with my selections or do you already have a replacement song in mind?

"It's Christmas time in Hollis Queens.  Moms cooking chicken and collared greens...." ~DMC

One of my all time favorite Christmas records and you can guarantee there will be chicken and collard greens, beans, potatoes, tomatoes.....YOU NAME IT!!!!

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house....Hold it now! Wait, hold it. That's played out. Hit it! ~Kurtis Blow

38 years ago Kurtis Blow released this classic that set the tone for all Christmas rap albums to come.  This song is so popular it sold 500,000 copies and it wouldn't be Christmas if you didn't hear this at your Christmas party.

I did!  I really did see mommy kissing Santa Claus, and I'm going to tell my daddy..... ~Michael Jackson

Since the Jackson 5 are originally from Gary Indiana I can only imagine if Michael really did see mommy kissing Santa Claus and it wasn't Joe!  There would be smoke in the city.....

Whenever Johnny Gill touches anything especially this holiday classic he instantly make you feel like you're in a church service and he is singing before the Pastor comes up to preach.  Sit down Johnny the song is over.....

Leave a toy for Johnny, leave a doll for Mary.  Leave something pretty for Donnie, and don't forget about Gary.  ~James Brown

This song is a hood classic!  With many families having a hard time and finding a way to make ends meet.  The Godfather of Soul puts together makes a plea to Santa before he delivers any toys to go to the ghetto and 49 years later kids of all ages are singing this song.

Composed by Bob Wells in 1945, Nat King Cole recorded this song and it instantly became Christmas Classic and it was even inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1974.

In my mind, I want you to be free.  For all of our friends, to listen to me....

There are many versions of Silent Night, but The Temptations has raised the bar and delivered their own special version and every time I hear this song I can just imagine them standing on a street corner under a lamp post like the good ole days.

Anything Luther Vandross touches is Gold!  He can sing "Jingle Bells" and it will be a classic just because he's "Luther"

This is another favorite at Christmas time that will put you in the holiday spirit.  Nothing says Christmas than Boyz II Men and Brian McKnight talking about being with the one you love while it's snowing.

The fireside is blazing bright.  We're caroling through the night and this Christmas will be a very special Christmas for me....

Released in 1970 Donnie Hathaway released the ultimate soulful Christmas record that will last generations.  The song is so popular that it has been covered by Chris Brown, SWV, Mary J. Blige, The Temptations, Gladys Knight and The Pips, The Whispers, just to name a few.

Didn't see your favorite soulful Christmas record?  Leave us a note and we'll give it a honorable mention.

Happy Holidays!