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Tracy Morgan Has A Brain Injury And May Never Perform Again
They are reports indicating that Tracy Morgan's professional career may be on hold permanently due to a crippling brain injury following the crash he was in this summer. Tracy's lawyer has reported that he is currently in rehab for speech, cognitive vocational and physical functions. He we…
Tracy Morgan Apologizes in Nashville for Anti-Gay Rant [VIDEO]
At a press conference Tuesday, Tracy Morgan apologized for homophobic comments he made during a recent stand-up performance in Nashville, Tennessee.
Speaking alongside Kevin Rogers, the Facebook user who first made Morgan’s comments public, the Emmy-nominated ’30 Rock’ star said, “I want to apologize…
Update – Tracy Morgan Apologizes For Gay Jokes
I told you a few days ago about comedian Tracy Morgan and his stand-up act in Nashville in which he made anti-gay jokes about killing his son if he were gay. Well in a statement issued in an apology to several gay rights groups, he said:
"I want to apologize to my fans and the gay &…

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