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Ask Steve — Help Me Understand Women
In this installment of "Ask Steve," a gentleman who believes he is the man of the house and he wants it to seem that way. Boy does Steve have news for him ... HE AIN'T!! Check it out for yourself.
So Dumbfounded – Strawberry Letter Playback
This is a Strawberry Letter that I am sure a lot of people, male and female, can relate to Steve's respond. Listen for yourself and be sure to tune in tomorrow morning for the Strawberry Letter at 7:00am on the Steve Harvey Morning Show.
Steve Harvey is Coming for Kevin Hart
To get funny man Steve Harvey to acknowledge you is an accomplishment. Well, Steve is coming for Kevin Hart, but not in the way that you think. Check out this YouTube video that Steve made about Kevin Hart.
Ask Steve — How Does Sex Feel?
Our morning guy has become the expert of ALL things. Watch what happens when this mom asks for Steve Harvey to give her advice on how to explain what sex feels like to her curious 10-year-old son.

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