real working women of east texas

LaRaslum, A Real Working Woman of East TX!
About LaRaslum:
Mrs. LaRaslum Robinson Williams, known by those who love her as "Roz," is a devoted wife and mother of two beautiful adult daughters. She is a Longview native and a Longview Lobo to her heart.
Peggy, A Real Working Woman of ETx
About Peggy Smith-McAlister: 
She is the Chief Executive Officer of the Boys & Girls Club of Rusk County in Henderson, Texas, a position she has held for eleven years.
Real Working Woman of the Week
About Sheshieka Isaac:
Sheshieka lives in Longview and is the mother of five very smart, energetic children who are all active in sports and other extra curricular activities. She is often asked how she does it all.
Tahya Gipson, A Real Working Women of ETX!
About Tahya Gipson:
She is a Longview resident and a single mom of two very active children who keep her busy. She worked in law enforcement at Gregg County for 10 years before stepping out on faith to begin her own business, MommyToGo.
#WCW — Keeta King of Longview
The Twitter term #WCW stands for Woman Crush Wednesday and it encourages social media users to acknowledge women that they admire. There is also a #MCM which is Man Crush Monday with the same concept. My #WCW is Keeta King of Longview!