pearls of wisdom

Miss Your Pearls of Wisdom?
Be INTENTIONAL in everything you do! When you wake up in the morning, ask yourself, "What can I do or say today to be great and/or impart greatness to others?".
Today’s Pearls of Wisdom
Preserve your right to say, "No". That was the very first phrase glued to my 2017 vision board because I am so inclined to say yes to everything I believe to be a "good cause".People will pull you in every direction they deem important and use you for your gift.
Today’s Pearls of Wisdom
A wise woman once told me, "Keeta, if you want to walk in true power, you have to spend minutes with man and hours with God." It blew my mind, yet made so much sense.
Did you miss your Pearls of Wisdom?
As we embark upon a new year, it's important to have a clear vision of where you see yourself in 2017.  This year try writing out your vision and bringing it to life with a vision board.
Today’s Pearls of Wisdom
To heal a wound.... you need to stop touching it! Upon being discharged from the hospital a couple of weeks ago after having spinal surgery, my surgeon gave me some very simple instructions regarding wound care... LEAVE IT ALONE.
Today’s Pearls of Wisdom
Treat those closest to you as if it is the last day you will ever see them. Why applaud and be respectful to strangers, but not those closest to you?
Today’s Pearls of Wisdom
Everyone who's in your life is not in your life for the REST of your life. Some people are seasonal, and they're not supposed to be around for your entire journey. However, some people are directly tied to your destiny and have been strategically placed in your life for the long haul.…
Miss Your Pearls of Wisdom Today?
Get quiet and spend some time with YOU. There's peace and healing in solitude. I have found that my greatest breakthroughs have derived from my moments spent in silence. So, take a moment.... silence your phone... disconnect from your social media...