Questions That Can Lead to Love + Finding Your True Love
Dating can be a terrifying event for many people. How you conduct yourself on the first date says a lot about you and often times many people are too shy and timid to open up in fear of saying the wrong thing. This can also be true of first-time encounters with anyone.
Can Men And Women Be Just Friends? [VIDEO]
It’s been a heated debate for centuries, and one man set out to find the answer. In the video, he goes to a college library and interviews a large amount of people- both men and women. The results were very interesting to me and not exactly what I expected. Did he finally get an answ…
Best Places To Meet Singles In Tyler and Longview- Our Top Five
So you say it's been really hard to find a quality mate, right? Looking for Mr. or Miss right can be a challenge, especially when you are set in a solid routine of your social activities. We hear you and that's why we've compiled our Top Five Best Places To Meet Singles In Tyler …