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Happy National Catfish Day!
National Catfish Day is observed every year on June 25th.  And what's more appeasing to the East Texas palette than the taste of farm-raised catfish cooked to perfection?
Keith Sweat Performs A Marathon Set At Tyler’s Oil Palace
Multi-platinum artist Keith Sweat who is also the host of The Sweat Hotel heard evening (Mon – Fri) 6p-11p on Hot 107.3 Jamz came into Tyler this weekend (April 8th) to give East Texas a night to remember at The Oil Palace.
Hosted by myself and weekend personality Keeta King we warmed the crowd…
Miss Your Pearls of Wisdom?
Be INTENTIONAL in everything you do! When you wake up in the morning, ask yourself, "What can I do or say today to be great and/or impart greatness to others?".
Today’s Pearls of Wisdom
Preserve your right to say, "No". That was the very first phrase glued to my 2017 vision board because I am so inclined to say yes to everything I believe to be a "good cause".People will pull you in every direction they deem important and use you for your gift.
LaRaslum, A Real Working Woman of East TX!
About LaRaslum:
Mrs. LaRaslum Robinson Williams, known by those who love her as "Roz," is a devoted wife and mother of two beautiful adult daughters. She is a Longview native and a Longview Lobo to her heart.
Today’s Pearls of Wisdom
A wise woman once told me, "Keeta, if you want to walk in true power, you have to spend minutes with man and hours with God." It blew my mind, yet made so much sense.
Did you miss your Pearls of Wisdom?
As we embark upon a new year, it's important to have a clear vision of where you see yourself in 2017.  This year try writing out your vision and bringing it to life with a vision board.
Keeta King’s Cooking for Non-cooks
Temp's about to drop in East Texas! Who said non-cooks can't whip up a warm, tasty delight to get you through these cold days and nights. If you can use a can opener, you can make my scrumptious Cheesy White Chicken Chili.

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