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Snoop Dogg On ‘How It’s Made’
Snoop Dogg was giving the challenge of figuring out what hot dogs were before they actually become hot dogs. He has some interesting guess and is disturbed when he learns what it is.
The Word ‘Amazing’ — Is it Overused? [VIDEO + POLL]
My favorite late night talk show is Jimmy Kimmel Live, every Monday night during the opening of the show they count how many times the word - amazing - is said during The Bachelor. It's really kind of funny when you focus on one word to see how many times it is said and then it starts sounding …
Lil Wayne Substitute Filled In As Guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Where are you Weezy? Late night host Jimmy Kimmel found himself in a strange predicament on his show Thursday night (Mar. 1) when Lil Wayne decided not to appear for a scheduled chat. So to fill up the slot, Kimmel called on a random audience member named Carl to fill in for the no-show rapper.

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