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Beyonce or Rihanna: Who’d Make A Better Bond Girl? [POLL]
The 23rd film in the James Bond franchise debuted at number one here in the states over the weekend bringing in a record setting $87.8 million in just three short days. Skyfall's opening numbers beat the previous Bond film Quantum of Solace when it debuted earning $67.5 million in 2008. Over the pas…
POLL: Would You Like to See a Black James Bond?
James Bond movies have been thrilling audiences for years, and fans are just as excited for the 23rd installment 'Skyfall' to hit theaters as they were back in the days of 'Dr. No.' Needless to say, 007 is one of those characters that will live on long after we're all gone, but the franchise still f…
Naomie Harris To Play ‘Moneypenny’
You may remember this bomb shell from the 'Pirates of the Caribbean films, she played Tia Dalma/Calypso. Naomie Harris was looking pretty rough in that role but luckily she will be acting in the new James Bond movie, 'Skyfall'.