good deeds

To Serve And To Cool Off
Meet 95 year old Julius Hatley of Dallas, Forth Worth.  Julius was awaken to uncomfortable heat when his AC unit stopped working in his home.  The heat caused him to call the DFW Police and report it as an emergency.
According to CBS News - When Fort Worth Officer William Margolis, and his …
Heroic 15-Year-Old Rescues Abducted Girl
15-year-old Temar Boggs from Gable Park Woods, PA, has been hailed as a hero after chasing down the car in which a five-year-old kidnapped girl was being held in. The attempted kidnap took place outside an apartment block on Thursday in Lancaster Township. When news broke, community members took to …
Retiring Grocer Gives Company to Employees
Over the past 46 years, Joe Lueken has built a successful chain of grocery stores in Minnesota and North Dakota. Having recently turned 70, it's time for Lueken to retire and enjoy the good life with his wife.
Tyler Perry Says Kim Kardashian “Did A Good Job” In New Film [VIDEO]
With many of us completely OVER Kim Kardashian and her Hollywood antics, Tyler Perry was singing her praises during a visit to the Chelsea Lately show. He first was talking about his new film, Good Deeds, then, the movie, The Marriage Counselor was also brought up. When asked how Kim K did in the ne…