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Happy National Catfish Day!
National Catfish Day is observed every year on June 25th.  And what's more appeasing to the East Texas palette than the taste of farm-raised catfish cooked to perfection?
The 10 Highest Rated Summer Restaurants in Tyler
The atmosphere, the price, and the taste of the food can all make or break a restaurant.  There are several Tyler spots that are going above and beyond this summer and making us really happy, but these are the 10 that are the absolute best.
Deion Sanders Scores Touchdown For Van Zandt County
"Prime Time" Deion Sanders - former Dallas Cowboys player and NFL Hall of Famer - stopped in East Texas to lend a helping hand to the victims of the tornado that affected the residents in Canton, Texas.
KLTV.com - Tyler, Longview, Jacksonville |ETX News
From our media partner KLTV, Deion - w…
Townsquare Media Biggest Loser Challenge Week 1
YOU LIAR!  That's what I yelled when I stepped on the scale over the weekend to realize that I've been enjoying Texas food a little too much.  This is by far the MOST I have ever weighted in my life and this was a wake up call that I need to be more cautious of not only what I ea…
HELP! I’m Being Stalked By 30 Pounds Of ME
How many of you have EVER dreaded stepping on the scale based on the results it may show?  Personally I have been back and forth with my weight for a while now and today I walked past the mirror and I said "Self?  We MUST do better......

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