Oklahoma Cleans Up After Weekend Earthquakes [VIDEO]
A series of earthquakes and aftershocks — some felt as far away as Wisconsin — shook Oklahoma this weekend, startling people more accustomed to tornadoes than temblors.
Early Saturday, a magnitude 4.7 earthquake affected areas from Texas to Missouri, followed by a 5.6 quake later that nig…
Hip-Hop and R&B Community Respond to Japan Earthquake
President Obama has already committed U.S. resources to help those affected by the earthquake in Japan.  The Hip Hop and R & B community has also been showing love for those devastated by the quake.
Many members of the music community have sought to reach out to the people of Japan via social …
Haiti – One Year After the Earthquake
It's hard to believe that a year has passed since the horrific earthquake that shook Haiti. After the tragedy, Americans pledged over 1 billion dollars -- 32 million dollars by text messages alone. But has it made a difference?