busta rhymes

Happy Birthday, Busta Rhymes!
Busta Rhymes is still one of the most respected Brooklynites after more than two decades in the game. E.L.E.2 (Extinction Level Event 2) is coming at some point, but today (May 20), we recognize his 43rd birthday.
New Music! Ashanti ‘The Woman You Love’ [VIDEO]
R&B songstress Ashanti has hit the scene with new fresh new music! Her latest single, "The Woman You Love" is a very different sound.  Check it out and tell us what you think? Keep an open mind, listen to the track, and weight in!
Expolosive Blog Claims Busta Rhymes Gave Jumpoff Herpes!
Um, this is absolutely gross, and definately not for the faint of heart. So, with that being said, you have been warned. If you do not like gross stuff, click here now! In an online blog, an alleged jumpoff of rapper Busta Rhymes claims the rapper gave her herpes. In the blog she claims the virus ha…

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