Before you run to the nearest chain restaurant, consider eating somewhere that your neighbor just might own. These ten local restaurants are waiting for you to fall in love with. Variety of styles in taste, cost, and environment are sure to please all coming for dinner. For all meals of the day there is an option from this list that is sure to leave you full and happy.

1. Stanley's Famous Pit BBQ    525 S. Beckham Ave. Tyler, Texas (903)593-0311

Stanley's is known for its award winning BBQ, but they also dominate breakfast and vegetarian choices. Hurry and get some before they sell out and make sure not to miss a blues band on their large porch.

2. Basil Thai     1700 S SE Loop 323 Tyler, Texas (903)566-8000

For a different kind of spice than the usual tex-mex joint, try this delicious food from the Southeast Asia. Though the food is light, some of their plates pack a punch you will beg to be hit with again and again.

3.  What about Kabob & His Gyros    713 W SW Loop 323 Tyler, Texas (903)581-7976

If you are hungry for a gyro, look no further. What About Kabob offers the best gyros of all of East Texas and also some of the tastiest french fries. There ability to have such a diverse menu that all pleases the palette should be commended. They even offer the occasional live music and/or comedy show.

4. Villa Montez   3324 Old Henderson Hwy. Tyler, Texas (903)592-9696

This latin kitchen is a fresh take on some of your favorite spanish cuisine. They take some of their food straight from the garden there on the land of their gorgeous mansion lot.

5.  Don Juan's   1313 East Erwin Street Tyler, Texas  &  113 E Erwin Tyler, Texas  (903)526-2999

With their two locations, Don Juan's is making sure Tyler has no shortage of fantastic authentic mexican food. They provide great food in a festive environment. Make sure to come for dollar taco night every Wednesday.

6. Vietnamese Pho Restaurant   3837 US Hwy 64 Tyler, Texas (903)1599

If you are tired of the same old meal you have every night, come see what Pho provides. They prepare unique flavors from the other side of the world that are sure to tingle the taste buds.

7. Lago Del Pino   14706 CR 1134 Tyler, Texas (903)561-5246

If you make the drive out to Lago Del Pino, you will not be let down. The restaurant is set on a beautiful private lake featuring an awe inspiring fountain. The atmosphere is not the only thing this eatery gives. There food and especially cocktails are not to be missed. Please don't miss out on their bacon infused drinks.

8. Taqueria El Lugar   1716 East Gentry Parkway Tyler, Texas (903) 597-4717

Though this restaurant has four locations across Tyler, experiencing the original location is a treat in itself. The taquerias serve some of the most mouth watering mexican treats and for amazingly low cost. Be sure not to miss out on this chance to please your pocket and tongue.

9. Bruno's Pizza   1400 S Vine Ave Tyler, Texas (903) 595-1676

If you believe that if you have had one pepperoni pizza, you have had them all, you have never eaten at Bruno's. Their pizzas are loaded over capacity with toppings and flavor. For a slice of the best, you need to make a trip to this pizza joint.

10. Breakers Seafood    5106 Old Bullard Rd Tyler, Texas (903)534-0161

Though we are far from the nearest beach, Breakers brings the great seafood to us. For a California style taste of fish and lobster don't pass this place up.

Supporting a local business gives your wallet a break, your belly tasty food, and the local economy a boost. So give any or all of these local restaurants a chance. You will not regret it.