Former Single Ladies actress Stacey Dash has come out in full support of GOP Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. They stunning 46 year old actress stated her "humble" opinion on Twitter. Dash tweeted, “Women have had enough of @BarackObama’s disappointment. We need new leadership to get our economy growing again.”After Dash stated her support for Romney, she was viciously attacked by fans on twitter. Stacey Dash is entitled to her opinion and support of whomever she chooses.

Let's not forget in 2009, Dash and her husband were in full support of President Obama. She stated that during President Obama's inauguration she began to cry:

"I am so happy ... In that moment my husband and I just looked at the TV and I started to sob."

Well, the Clueless actress has changed her mind.  She's come out in full support of Mitt Romney and is actually taking heat for her decision. Check out her tweets below:



Check out some of the Twitter attacks:

Wow. This is the United States and regardless of anything else, Stacey, is too, entitled to vote and support whom she chooses. Why attack her just because you don't agree?


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