Sheree has a VERY complicated relationship with her ex-husband.  It is to be expected for things to be awkward after she attempted to defraud him and steal all his money.

Legal documents from two years ago show how Sheree tried to get the mansion and a large divorce settlement.

They were supposed to sell the house and then split the proceeds evenly.  In addition, Sheree was supposed to be given $425,000.

That deal didn't seem fair to our little gold digger.  She convienced her EX to give her the money up front for the house and then refused to move out or pay the mortgage.  On top of that ,she tried taking him to court for multiple lawsuits.

When the bank finally foreclosed on the house her husband was out of tons of money.  For her being such a greedy girl the judge isn't making her EX pay any child support and Sheree will be having to pay him back all the money he lost because of the house.