Rihanna is taking the self-promotion to a new level. The singer, whose single 'Diamonds' debuted on Wednesday (Sept. 26), just inked a sparkler on her bod.

It's unclear what part of Rihanna's body features the new artwork, but it resembles Dev's diamond tattoo in design and theme -- it's cartoonish in its thick lines and shading, but isn't pink like the 'In the Dark' singer's is. Rihanna's single, a laidback, Sia-penned ode to embracing letting yourself shine, is the first from her album '7.' 'Diamonds' is also the title given to her upcoming world tour.

'Diamonds' is a far cry from Rihanna's usual raunchy, danceable and occasionally stunt queen singles, but that didn't stop her from getting controversial with the single art: In the black and white images, we see more of Rihanna's distinctive tattoos, this time on her hands, as she rolls a blunt filled with diamonds. Call us crazy, but that seems like it'd be tough on the lungs.

Rihanna also got inked three weeks ago in a racy area of her toned bod. She tatted the Egyptian goddess Isis on her rib cage under her breasts ... in honor of her grandmother. Oh, Rihanna. Only you!

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