Ri-united and it feels so good? Or did they ever really split?

The latest rumors of a Rihanna and Chris Brown breakup swirled for the past week. A mystery blonde entered the picture, denying any hanky panky took place since Brown doesn't fit her dating profile, and Ri discussed love onstage at one of the dates of her Diamonds tour. But she tweeted a picture that may squash all that talk. She shared a photo of herself and Breezy last night (April 10), pretty much indicating that they are still together.

They look cute, cuddly, cozy and content in the shot, which Ri captioned, "This s--- look like a toupee."

Fake hair aside, they both appear to be having a good time. We're actually more interested in RiRi's chunky Chanel cuff. That thing is eye-catching and we want one.

But is anyone else besides us totally exhausted trying to keep up with the status of their relationship? It appears to stop and start, like a traffic light.

Sources are always talking about the fact that they breakup and reunite on the regular, but that could just be chatter that isn't as connected to the situation as it seems.

All photographic evidence indicates that ChRihanna are still a unit, despite the fact that the whole world is rooting against them.

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