Not one to hold back his true feelings regarding America's favorite 'Real Housewives', Cynthia Bailey's husband, Peter Thomas is speaking out again! This time he talks about his fight with husband of Phaedra Parks, Apollo. In the magazine, 'Uptown' that started all the trouble, Peter tells his side of the story, stating:

"What people see is what it is. I don’t really know Apollo. Apollo felt like he was defending his wife [regarding] the UPTOWN article that I did . . . the article wasn’t about them. The article was about how I felt about what my wife said and what people were saying about, you know, UPTOWN Restaurant and Lounge and that she gave me money to do it and I wanted to set the record straight by saying yes she made a contribution but I didn’t take her wallet to do it."

Peter Thomas Speaks Out

Dang Peter! First you were hating on Nene, then Sheree, saying she wasn't cute, then you and Apollo almost bring it to blows at Kim's baby shower. Not cute Peter. Cynthia and Peter arrived five hours late to Kim and Kroy's baby shower, and then came with a bunch of drama. Why did they even come?

Do you think Peter is just trying to come up by gaining more negative attention on the show? Do you think Peter is just an undercover hater?