"I'm VERY rich, bitch!" Nene Leakes screamed at fellow cast mate, Sheree Whitfield expressing how much money she had in the bank. We all thought the same thing... What?! Okay, if you've ever wondered how much money the cast of Real Housewives Of Atlanta actually make per season, we have the break down for you!


Nene is the highest paid housewife, raking in 750K per season, but not RICH enough to cop a 9 million dollar pad in Miami. Nene also gets an extra $250K for appearing on the RHOA reunion show. The second highest salary goes to Kim Zolciak, bringing in 600K per season, and 150K for the reunion show.

Next is Sheree Whitfield, who earns 550K per season and 150K additional for the reunion show.


Kandi Burruss gets 450K per season and 100K for the reunion

Phaedra & Cynthia make the same amount of 300K per season, and 75K for the reunion.

Marlo rakes in a measly 75K

Peter makes 75K

Kroy (Kim's Husband) - 50K

Apollo (Phaedra's husband) - 50K

Although Phaedra and Kandi don't make as much as Nene and Kim, individually Phaedra and Kandi has the highest net worth making them, "VERY rich, bitch!"

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