Not everyone is a fan of Oprah Winfrey's hit television show on OWN called "Next Chapter" -- especially Tameka Raymond, ex-wife to singer Usher! Last night on Oprah's Next Chapter, Usher aired all of the couple's dirty laundry and although it made for ratings gold for the OWN network, some critics are not impressed at all and have made it known on Twitter.

Oprah has interviewed many black celebrities for Next Chapter, but not ONLY blacks. Her ratings for Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson, Dwayne Wade, Usher, and others have been tops for her show.

The Twitter world was buzzing with #NextChapter comments abound regarding what Usher was telling Oprah, and apparently some viewers are seeing Oprah as an opportunist using "blacks for ratings".

Also, notice below how Tameka Foster commented on the original comment.

Now, not all viewers we pissed off at Oprah, and some even approached the comments from a different stance stating that all networks use blacks for ratings:

What do you think?