'Hollywood Exes,' the new television series on VH1, is filled with excitement, fun, drama and, of course, the inside lives of some of Hollywood stars' ex-wives.

The ex-wives featured in this show are exes of stars such as Will Smith, Eddie Murphy and R.Kelly. The huge difference between 'Basketball Wives' and 'Hollywood Exes' has been discussed on several occasions via Twitter. When asked what makes 'Hollywood Exes' unique compared to 'Basketball Wives,' Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife, Nicole Murphy explains,

I would say first of all, we were all really married [laughs]. So, that’s number one. Then the second one is, it’s more positive and encouraging. It’s sexy -- kinda like a “Sex And the City” type of thing. It’s really smooth. It’s fun. There’s a lot of laughter.”

Sounds like a little shot across the bow from Nicole to the Basketball Wives crew!