What would you do if your 5-year-old child told you that another child on the school bus stabbed her in the stomach with a pencil? Well, a 26-year-old Arkansas woman and mother of three, Tameka McClure, reacted in a way that got her arrested.

Ms. McClure allegedly angrily got onto the school bus and confronted the 9-year-old male bully that her daughter told her about. Afterward, she reportedly told both her older children (age 7 and 12) to "handle that [expletive]!"

Police obtained footage of the entire incident from the bus cameras and the video shows McClure telling her kids to fight the boy, and also shows the bus driver repeatedly asking her to leave the bus. After several minutes, the bus driver did call for help.

An unidentified adult male broke up the fighting and the 9-year-old had few injuries.

Police did note that there were several marks on the 5-year-old's body indicating that she was in-fact assaulted with a pencil.

Tameka McClure, now facing charges by a county prosecutor, said:

You don’t put your hands on a 5-year-old. I’m not worried about it because I know we were not in the wrong. Because when it’s all said and done, why am I being charged for a kid fight?”

No word at this time regarding the school district's punishment for any of the student involved.

Mother Accused Of Ordering Hit On Bully