Okay, so we already figured this would start the rumor mill buzzing in the industry, and we figured right! According to reports, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj are already having beef on American Idol. With two divas in the same room, there's sure to be drama!American Idol announced their official line-up of judges a couple of weeks ago, and multiple reports were claiming that the judging panel was just to be Mariah Carey, Randy Jackson, and Keith Urban. When the news of Nicki Minaj inking a multi-mullion dollar deal with FOX execs, rumors began that Mariah wasn't too happy.

Mariah Carey recently did say that there is no bad blood between the two and that it's all rumors, but according to Idol spies, Nicki and Mariah have already been sassing each other.

Word on the street is that when Nicki is critiquing a singer, Mariah interrupts, and Nicki talks very loudly over Mariah, and vice versa.

We hope the execs made a good decision in getting these two together because the show is about finding the next American Idol -- not Nicki and Mariah. Some critics even say that the show could lose it's edge because of the flashy judging panel.

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