Holy smokes, Chaka Khan is looking super-sexy these days! She was always a beautiful woman, but with the extra weight gone, she is looking even more svelte. The I Feel For You singer was spotted on American Idol showing off her curvacious slimmer bod, leaving many wanting to know how much weight has she lost, and how's she's doing it!
Looking good lady!

Neilson Barnard, Getty Images

Chaka even tweeted about how her new body is resembling Nicki Minaj!

Khan says she's adopted a healthier lifestyle losing around 60 pounds, along with being clean and sober from drugs and alcohol for over eight years now! Her diagnosis of diabetes scared her straight:

"I'm just a human being and scared most of the time like everybody else is. I don't regret anything in my life because... it made me the amazing chick that I am."