Singer/songwriter Lauryn Hill has begun her three-month prison stint. She arrived at the federal correctional institution in Danbury, Conn., on Monday to begin serving her sentence for failing to pay close to $1 million in taxes over the last 10 years.

Hill  checked into the minimum-security facility where she will be housed with the general population. Inmates in the minimum security prison work jobs such as maintenance, food service or landscaping. It has not been revealed how Hill will spend her time at the correctional institution. Once released from prison, she will be under parole supervision for a year, with the first three months spent under house arrest.

The Fugees singer was ordered to jail time in May due to not paying off a court-ordered retribution sum of $554,000 that she owed the IRS and additional state taxes and penalties (totaling close to $1 million) prior to her hearing for tax-evasion charges in New Jersey.