Singer Jennifer Hudson has lost an incredible amount of weight and is looking better than ever. Turns out her fiance may have preferred the curvier girl of the past.

Whether you enjoy rock, pop, or classical there is no denying that Jennifer Hudson is one of the most talented women in music spanning any genre.  She came to fame in 2004 when she was on American Idol and her success grew even more when she was in the film Dream Girls which she won an Oscar for.

When Hudson first came on the scene she was a bit of a curvy girl, and there is nothing wrong with that.  Recently though she has lost a bunch of weight and looks fantastic.  She is a spokes person for the weight loss program Weight Watchers and fully endorses that the program works.  If she is any example of the program than it sure does.  So wouldn’t you think that the man she is going to marry would be over joyed that she has gotten healthier and feels better about herself?  That may not be the case.

Hudson was on the Tonight Show last week and told Jay Leno that he is “still getting use to the new figure”.  Say what?  If I were him I would probably take a look in the mirror and say, you know what maybe I could get into better shape to.  I think it may be a bit of a jealousy thing too.  One of the things that Hudson said he says to her is “Why do you have to get all dressed up to go out?  Why can’t you just go out like you use to?”  Perhaps he is a little insecure with himself walking around with this beautiful woman who grabbing a ton of attention lately.  Whatever the case, he needs to get over himself because Jennifer Hudson’s star only continues to rise.