With November right around the corner and everyone gearing up for this election, new polls are indicating that many citizens, and primarily Black America, have changed on their political support and views of President Barrack Obama. Or have they? Dr. Boyce Watkins has said the enthusiasm for President Obama from Black America is dead. But why?

According to Dr. Boyce Watkins commentary:

The Obama enthusiast is virtually dead. The number of black people running around with Obama t-shirts, putting signs in their front yard, and putting his picture on the wall next to Martin Luther King and Jesus has plummeted. Obama is not the iconic figure that he once was, no longer a rock star."

Here's what being said in regards to the decline of Obama's support from the black community:

  1. Lack of jobs
  2. Loss of homes
  3. Not seeing campaign promises come into fruition (CHANGE)
  4. Obama's recent support of same-sex unions

Watch: Obama losing support of African-Americans

Do you think that Black America's support of President Obama is declining? You tell us.