reports on a middle school in Forest City, N.C., that has banned hugging by its eighth grade students. You're gonna flip when you hear what brought all of this about.

The whole thing started after one of the students had a seizure at school and was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. When the student returned to school the next day, he was greeted with hugs from other students. That's perfectly understandable and innocent, isn't it?

The students were told by school officials at lunch that the hugging was not allowed. Some of the students started a Facebook group to protest the rule. Students said the principal warned the students that any public displays of affection (PDA) would result in students receiving an in-school suspension.

Officials for the school district say any type of PDA is off limits, however the school handbook does not mention PDA's. The only type of touching it mentions is in the form of sexual harassment. In other words, unwanted intentional touching. I'm not convinced that two students waling towards each other with their arms outstretched towards each other would constitute "unwanted" would it?

I understand the school's zero-tolerance policy on this, but isn't comforting a sick classmate taking it a little far?